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Adult Christian Education

Unitape 528Formation Through Actions
Audio Unavailable
John Marsland & Kathleen Buckley
Unitape 529Practical Workshops
Audio Unavailable
Kathleen Buckley
Unitape 530Marriage Encounter
Josephine Clemson
Unitape 531Growing Spirituality
Jimmy Collins
Unitape 532Pastoral Ministry
Audio Unavailable
Margaret Kenyon
Unitape 533Shrines and Apparitions
Bernard Eager
Unitape 534Prayer and Active Apostolate
John Marsland
Unitape 535Cardijn's Method: Why This Way?
John Marsland
Unitape 536The Pattern of His Death
Patrick Mitchell
Unitape 537The Pattern of His Love
Patrick Mitchell
Unitape 538Christ the Son of God
Patrick Mitchell
Unitape 539Billings Method
Nuala O'Connor
Unitape 540The Relationship Between Priest and People
J & T Pratt
Unitape 541The New Catechism: What's It All About?
Michael Walsh
Unitape 542The Skill of Communicating
Patricia Yates

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