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The Sick

Unitape 834Care of the Dying: The Hospice Movement
Sheila Cassidy
Unitape 835Pain Control in Terminal Illness
Ray Consiglio
Unitape 836Care of the Dying
Ray Consiglio
Unitape 837Statutory Caring Resources
Colin Critchley
Unitape 838Dilemmas and Decisions Concerning Terminal Care
Grant Harrison
Unitape 839The Healing Ministry
Peter Wilkinson
Unitape 840Psychological Disabilities Amongst the Elderly
Roy Fox
Unitape 841The Provision of Effective Services for the Elderly
Michael Horan
Unitape 842Looking After Elderly People With Psychiatric Problems
Michael Horan
Unitape 843Ministry of an Undertaker
Stephen McKenna
Unitape 844Looking After Elderly People At Home With Serious Physical Disabilities
Graham Mulley
Unitape 845Physical Rehabilitation With Special Reference to Stroke
Graham Mulley

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