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The Church - Various Speakers

Unitape 150Responding to the Congress
Ellen Gielty
Unitape 151Lay Ministries in the Church and the World
Mary McAleese
Unitape 152Women's Ministry in Building Community
Mary McAleese
Unitape 153Who Belongs to the Church?
Brian Newns
Unitape 154Young People in the Church
Vincent Nichols
Unitape 155Young Person's View of the Church
Ernest Sands
Unitape 156What Kind of Church?
Audio Unavailable
Peter Verity
Unitape 157Integration Within the Local Church
Brian Vickerman
Unitape 158The Church in Conflict With the World
Brian Wicker
Unitape 159The Priest as Critic of Society
Brian Wicker
Unitape 160Church of Saints, Sinners and Mr. & Mrs. X
William Dalton
Unitape 161Teaching Authority in the Church
Rupert Davies
Unitape 162Church and Politics
Patrick Kelly
Unitape 163What's My Priority?
Audio Unavailable
John Marsland
Unitape 164The Mystery and Models of the Church
William Steele

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