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Paul, St

Unitape 23Paul: A Vision of Christ
Aelred Smith
Bible and New Testament in General > Why Should I Read the Bible?
Unitape 78Acts 15 and Paul's Mission
Raymond E. Brown
Acts of the Apostles > 1985 Summer School on the Book of Acts
Unitape 80Romans, Chapter 8
Aelred Smith
Epistles > Epistles
Unitape 81Philippians: The Unexpected God
John O'Hara
Epistles > Epistles
Unitape 93The Fanatic for Christ - Paul
Aelred Smith
The Early Church > The Early Church
Unitape 116The Resurrection in the Writings of Paul
Joseph O'Hanlon
Christology > Christology
Unitape 123St. Paul on Christ's Death and Resurrection
Gerald O'Collins
Christology > Christ's Death and Resurrection
Unitape 629Preaching Paul and John
Aelred Smith
Preaching > Preaching on the Readings
Unitape 822St. Paul and the Church of God
Aelred Smith
Pastoral Care > Our Parishes: Communities Alive With Faith and Charity

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